Saturday, March 10, 2018

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Turning the page

Talk about heckle and hide flipping into existing its time to turn a page. More of the story coming out, Showing its self and growing with each step. X brings the earth king in red dust to turn the world green. We who follow flower and seed new worlds in creation.

Masters walking as dragons arrive water melting the world shale thrive. Time for a washing as the king cleans an old world making it new once more.

Round and round we go where it ends no one knows as whirl winds pick away at hidden sins, and the spirits own the day over night. In site 3 eyes you'll need to see to walk with masters above bodies below. of spirit in flesh form electrical the fifth element to 4 elements in creation to the human form creates the human fuse

eradication of 2 thirds the world by fire as the heat rises the purple rains do fall creating the wash over.

Gates are opening to the calling 7 direction within to out

Water rising mammals dieing sound vibration as the sun changing absorbing  cosmic radiation  burning hotter churning weather and we are only going threw the easy beginning.

Extreme weather on the rise hot parts from fuke mixing with the new-ons generating pockets in the atmosphere bending light in a way a bowl of water dose.

With out the pyramid homes how are any of us going to live threw it?

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Simply let us be alive.

This is a part of my religious preference. To unlocking the inner unseen doorways into other spiritual dimensions. should you control your mental drive. Then you can direct your astral movement with ease and with out interruption to the mental and spiritual bridge. 7 keys to opening 7 spiritual centers of the human form . It is one of many ways of connection with the all father sky and sweet mother earth. Can't wait for the moment to get here.